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Dec 2018
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Dec 14 2018 01:16
You need curly brackets around the value in the string
Dec 14 2018 01:47
That just gives me :
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Dec 14 2018 01:58
You sure you have the right xmlns for your local types?
I think your type needs to be publix
Your type needs to be public
I don't think Portable.xaml will do private reflection to find your types.
Dec 14 2018 02:01
public still results in a crash
and I use that model: xmlns for other things and they work
Jeremy Koritzinsky
Dec 14 2018 03:06
OK I'm not sure off the top of my head. @wieslawsoltes any ideas?
Wiesław Šoltés
Dec 14 2018 05:40
@Kermalis remove x:Type
Dec 14 2018 06:37
thanks, that works
Steven Kirk
Dec 14 2018 08:25
hmm, {x:Type Foo} should work there
Luis v.d.Eltz
Dec 14 2018 14:23
What are the plans for 2019 concerning documentation?
Nikita Tsukanov
Dec 14 2018 16:20
New options for memory conservation
Dec 14 2018 19:55
Hi. Maybe the question is not quite in the right place, but does anyone know how to make OpenTK and AvaloniaUI be friends? Some links to tutorials or notes?
Maybe github projects?
Joshua Davis
Dec 14 2018 19:59


The Selector system is also much more powerful than just TargetType property + id.

totally agree. Don't get me wrong.. I like it a lot! I'm just thinking in terms of adoption.


though as someone pointed out the other day, MS don't seem to treat compatibility between their XAML frameworks very seriously, so why should we? ;)

Lol. unfortunately, true. All the rest of us feel your pain...Silverlight...WPF...Xamarin...the pain continues to live on. I'm thinking though, if we can adopt WPF, perhaps, then there would be little need to turn to Xamarin. If ppl prefer the Xamarin formats, then let them use Xamarin. I'm thinking 'pure' migrations of WPF to Mac and Android.

Jeremy Koritzinsky
Dec 14 2018 20:08
Maybe we could add some properties for WPF compat that adapt to Avalonia’s API under the hood. Maybe issue a warning/notice at build (once we have build-time XAML support) for usages of those compat apis to help people port over?
Steven Kirk
Dec 14 2018 20:30
@toytonics yes we really need documentation, but unfortunately I don't even have time to write code for avalonia right now, and am having terrible even keeping up with PRs
Trouble not terrible, sorry on mobile
I keep hoping to get more time but life keeps getting in the way
So we really need contributors for docs