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Dec 2018
Jose Antonio
Dec 28 2018 00:43

Hello guys, a question about the <Image> control. I've got an image buffer of 128 x 128 but the <Image> I want to display it's 256 x 256. In WPF or SDL (C) you can disable antialliasing so that the image isn't blurry. Mine is and I don't know if <Image> has something to disable it?

Have a look here, top window is mine, bottom window is another implementation (And that's how it should look)

Thanks guys :)

Benedikt Schroeder
Dec 28 2018 01:04
Controlling aliasing is on my list but had no time to work on that feature. So this is currently not possible. Only controlling interpolation levels is currently supported.
Jose Antonio
Dec 28 2018 01:05
Thanks for confirming :) I'll figure something out
Actually.... how do you control Interpolation? I haven't seen the option?
Just set the attached property on the control
Jose Antonio
Dec 28 2018 01:11
Ah! I see thanks a lot @Gillibald
Still not good enough, but I'll sort it out on my end :)
Dec 28 2018 06:10
Any ideas if it's possible to set WM_CLASS window property?
Jonas Jermann
Dec 28 2018 13:06
hi, how do I do key bindings in avalonia?
Jonas Jermann
Dec 28 2018 13:14
hmm, I think I got it
Wiesław Šoltés
Dec 28 2018 16:07