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Jan 2019
Steven Kirk
Jan 07 15:22
@jeffreye have you tried updating to the lastest CI build? @ahopper recently added a fix that was related to resizing, don't know if that might have fixed it?
you should be able to just set ClientSize
@alekivankovic no, i think that should use the interface. the interface came later than AvaloniaPropertyChangedEventArgs so it looks like it just wasn't updated
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Jonas Jermann
Jan 07 20:38
I think there is some buggy behavior in avalonia regarding key bindings
I bound Gesture = "Up" to some command, which seems to work fine until some moment after which it no longer works.
However I also added a button with the same command and that button keeps working.
or am I missing something?
Jeffrey Ye
Jan 07 22:21
@grokys yes, and it actually fixed the problem
Jeffrey Ye
Jan 07 22:43
@grokys @ahopper I notice that if I set Width/Height Property before showing window, I could see a unresized window in the first frame.
Jan 07 22:47
@jeffreye yep, In fixing the black bits bug I noticed the code appears to create the window then resize it, I don't know if this is windows only.
Jeffrey Ye
Jan 07 22:50
Avalonia on macOS seems to be fine
Jan 07 22:54
@danwalmsley is there a reason for the window being created then resized?