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Jan 2019
Jan 08 09:21
@ahopper on win32, then prob @kekekeks or @grokys would know
Jan 08 09:30
ok thanks, just asked you as you were the last to touch that code
Jan 08 09:33
@jeffreye does searchpanel in avaloniaedit work for you
I can type in it, but it wont run the search im finding
Jan 08 09:35
WPF is 12 years old. Is it still good? Or is it something that was good in 2006 but now is legacy, oudated and bad?
Jumar Macato
Jan 08 09:46
It really depends on your needs. Some don't like WPF because it makes trivial things hard and hard things trivial unlike the drag-and-drop notion of WinForms but personally it's still a venerable workhorse for RAD prototyping and LoB apps in Windows
Some of its features are archaic and verbose by today's standards but hey, you have to start from somewhere right
Now that WPF is open source, it's only a matter of time before those shortcomings are addressed, maintainers notwithstanding :smile:
Jan 08 09:50
Can those shortcomings be addressed without a complete re-architecture and bottom-up redesign of everything?
Jumar Macato
Jan 08 09:52
yeah i think the fundamental pillars of WPF is quite good, but i'm not in a position to say anything specific with regards to what features should be fixed, etc etc
Jan 08 16:49
Has problem with visibility
            <Button Command="{Binding}" Content="{Binding Name}"
                    IsVisible="{Binding $self.IsEnabled}"/>
Button IsVisible = False, but ListBoxItem IsVisible = True. And its showed in UI
How to bind visibility to ListBoxItem?
Jan 08 17:14
Jeffrey Ye
Jan 08 17:37
@danwalmsley it works on both macOS and Windows
@danwalmsley I actually make a PR for search panel yesterday. Do you mean it's still not working?
Jan 08 18:35
For me it didnt work, but i will double check and make shre i didnt make a mistake
Jonas Jermann
Jan 08 20:25
Has anyone else observed the buggy behavior with Keybinding commands?
For me the command stopped working after a while, if I use a Button instead it works fine.
Jan 08 21:00
A very convenient feature of WPF is that, for a given XAML file, it creates a partial class that contains fields of all named XAML elements. Any ideas on whether to bring this feature to Avalonia?
Jan 08 23:04
@mstr2 this requires compiling of xaml to be implemented