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Jan 2019
Benedikt Schroeder
Jan 10 08:14
I love Span<T> and Memory<T> so much. These help a lot to avoid using sub strings.
This is the most fun thing:
var text = "ABCDEF";
var memory = text.AsMemory();

using(var handle = memory.Pin())
    // or
Nikita Tsukanov
Jan 10 08:20
Can't be used for handling unmanaged memory areas, unfortunately
Would be really nice to be able to call Stream.ReadAsync to some unmanaged pointer region
Benedikt Schroeder
Jan 10 08:22
Isn't a custom MemoryManager<T> ment for that scenario?
Nikita Tsukanov
Jan 10 08:26
Memory is always backed by a managed object, unfortunately
I might be wrong though
The corresponding ctor is internal though
I've misinterpreted CreateMemory method
We need to refactor our UnmanagedBlob to inherit from MemoryManager then
Benedikt Schroeder
Jan 10 11:03
Jan 10 11:05
:+1: looking good
Benedikt Schroeder
Jan 10 11:08
Had to use a RenderTargetBitmap to draw it without merging in the inlines PR
Is there a reason I can't set FormattedText on a TextBlock etc?
Now we have to wait until my SkiaSharp additions get released. Or change some part s to the old version hmm.
Nikita Tsukanov
Jan 10 11:35
SkiaSharp or harfbuzz?
We can publish a patched package with managed library changes to our myget feed
Benedikt Schroeder
Jan 10 11:53
I have updated the native build of HarfBuzz and have introduced changes to HarfBuzzSharp and SkiaSharp.HarfBuzz
We don't need a updated version of HarfBuzz so the managed parts would be enough.
Don't see any native build changes there
We can just rebuild managed parts and be fine
Benedikt Schroeder
Jan 10 14:53
👍Native changes have a different branch
Nikita Tsukanov
Jan 10 15:16
Are you sure that native code changes are needed?
Benedikt Schroeder
Jan 10 15:21
They are not needed for now. There are no ABI changes so everything should work with the old version. Sry for the confusion.
Eliot Jones
Jan 10 21:15

sorry for the really beginner question. If I have a textbox on a Window in the MVVM project template app:

 <TextBox Width="250" Height="30" Text="{Binding Value}"></TextBox>

And then the property on the MainWindowViewModel.cs inserts a "£" character every time that value is updated:

private string textValue;
    public string Value
        get => textValue;
        set => this.RaiseAndSetIfChanged(ref textValue, value + "£");

Why don't I see the value being updated in the textbox (if I bind the same property to a textblock it gets updated with a £ on the end but this is overwritten on the next change)? This is probably something I could work out myself if there's a more fleshed out MVVM example somewhere, preferably one with UserControls too

Steven Kirk
Jan 10 22:13
i think it's because the textbox expects the value written to the property to be the value the property will have after the write
if that makes sense
and if i understand the q properly
though it is raising the property changed event, so that might not be it...