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Daymian Tomczyk
Good luck, anytime
Bartosz Korczyński
Can I somehow detect when user clicks on AdornerLayer outside of any control (to hide my adorner)
Gabriel Freire
hey guys, new here
do Avalonia supports webview ? has anybody used it with Blazor ?
Alexander Gnauck
@gabrielfreire there are webviews available for Avalonia, check here:
Gabriel Freire
@agnauck thanks

Hi all.
Going through Advanced tutorial but with Visual Studio on Windows.
Found that


Also affect app titlebar.

While moving next and adding dark panel, which is

           <ExperimentalAcrylicBorder IsHitTestVisible="False">
                       MaterialOpacity="0.65" />

Found that content segment is now darkened, but titlebar is still transparent without any dark.
Going next to adding


to affect for titlebar as on provided screenshot, but found that it's working like content segment just override titlebar on windows. As result minimize, maximize and close buttons are about to be invisible screenshot of problem

Finally while going next (add button, align it to top right corner) got the problem that this button overrides titlebar buttons:
screenshot of problem
And clicking on it (as result) closing/maximizing the app window. Minimizing button is not overrided just because of content length inside button control.

Is there any way to fix that, or it's something like a bug, which should be reported to issues?

Paulo Aboim Pinto
@dmtomczyk just to tell that LibVLC is not a good option. I don't know why, but I cannot stream using the VLC in Linux. It's a problem with the playlists (I think) and is nothing to do with the wrapper ...
I think I will try my luck with MPV ... with that, I will need to start from the beginning. They aren't that much information about MPV usage with WPF ... I think I will have to dig deeper
maybe I will be able to port this https://github.com/milleniumbug/Mpv.WPF to Avalonia
if a Property is bound to DynamicResource in it's theme, is it possible to override that in a control style, or only properties tied to TemplateBinding?
Piero Castillo
is there some app/lib to transform svg to avalonia path?
@PieroCastillo Inkscape will convert to wpf xaml which is very close. For simple stuff the path can just be copied (sometimes it is inverted). There is a lib to display svg directly in Avalonia.
@PieroCastillo: there is a SVG Library that allows the usage of svg in Avalonia. I'm using that for my app
Dan Walmsley
@/all 0.10.1 has been released
1 reply
for details see:
questions and discussion:
Hey! Is it possible to change the Slider Style?
wondering did the issue of OpenGL on Windows get fixed in 0.10.1
Steven Kirk
@T1gg1 yep! what exactly do you want to change?
@hez2010 which issue exactly?
@grokys bigger for better use with touchscreens
Steven Kirk
you can change the size of the thumb by setting some resources, if that's what you mean, e.g.:
    <x:Double x:Key="SliderHorizontalThumbWidth">40</x:Double>
    <x:Double x:Key="SliderHorizontalThumbHeight">40</x:Double>
    <CornerRadius x:Key="SliderThumbCornerRadius">20</CornerRadius>
Perfect thank you!
@grokys I can not find the tickbar property. How can I set it? :(
The property, that I can resize the tickbar. Bigger lines or dots or something like this
Or that I can add numbers to the slider
Mike Ward
Can anyone point me to a quick primer on how context menu's work in .10.1? Looks like it changed to Flyout.
Mike Ward
Tried this:
            if (contextMenu is not null)
                var flyout = new Flyout {
                    Content  = contextMenu,
                    ShowMode = FlyoutShowMode.TransientWithDismissOnPointerMoveAway
                button.Flyout = flyout;
5 replies
Never mind, I got it working.
Greetings, I would like to add a small number of buttons (2 through 6) to a 'clean' window depending on other factors like the number of files of a certain type present in a specific directory. Making buttons in xaml is straigtforward but now I would like to add them with C# code. Is this possible at all?
Steven Kirk
@mike-ward you can continue to use ContentMenu, see https://github.com/AvaloniaUI/Avalonia/discussions/5820#discussioncomment-639332
basically it was deprecated a bit too eagerly
we're going to un-deprecate in 0.10.2
@aad_slingerland_twitter yes you can just create new Button objects and add them to a panel's Children collection
@T1gg1 sorry i'm still not sure what you're looking for
@grokys instead of the lines, I want the ticknumbers under the slider
Steven Kirk
ah ok. yeah no idea how you'd do that. @Mehigh17 implemented the tick stuff, maybe s/he'd know

I am trying to modify a single instance of the ProgressBar (the app is using Fluent Styling). When I add

                  <Style Selector="ProgressBar:horizontal /template/ Border#PART_Indicator">
                    <Setter Property="CornerRadius" Value="10" />

The CornerRadius is not changing. I can modify other parts of PART_Indicator just not CornerRadius. Is this because it is bound to a DynamicResource and not ThemeBinding?

3 replies
Hi, i am getting 'Don't know how to detect when App.Module.Views.UserDetailsView is activated/deactivated,'
8 replies
UserDetailsView class inherited from ReactiveUserControl<TViewModel>
Artjom P
Hello everyone! I've got an issue after updating to 0.10.1. My app doesn't appear after .StartWithClassicDesktopLifetime(args); on macOS. I can see only The program '....dll' has exited with code 0 (0x0). in the Debug console.
2 replies
Any ideas on how to solve it or debug it are welcome! Thank you in advance.
Piero Castillo
@ahopper @darthspot:matrix.org thanks!!
@grokys This one: AvaloniaUI/Avalonia#5543