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@grokys instead of the lines, I want the ticknumbers under the slider
Steven Kirk
ah ok. yeah no idea how you'd do that. @Mehigh17 implemented the tick stuff, maybe s/he'd know

I am trying to modify a single instance of the ProgressBar (the app is using Fluent Styling). When I add

                  <Style Selector="ProgressBar:horizontal /template/ Border#PART_Indicator">
                    <Setter Property="CornerRadius" Value="10" />

The CornerRadius is not changing. I can modify other parts of PART_Indicator just not CornerRadius. Is this because it is bound to a DynamicResource and not ThemeBinding?

3 replies
Hi, i am getting 'Don't know how to detect when App.Module.Views.UserDetailsView is activated/deactivated,'
8 replies
UserDetailsView class inherited from ReactiveUserControl<TViewModel>
Artjom P
Hello everyone! I've got an issue after updating to 0.10.1. My app doesn't appear after .StartWithClassicDesktopLifetime(args); on macOS. I can see only The program '....dll' has exited with code 0 (0x0). in the Debug console.
2 replies
Any ideas on how to solve it or debug it are welcome! Thank you in advance.
Piero Castillo
@ahopper @darthspot:matrix.org thanks!!
@grokys This one: AvaloniaUI/Avalonia#5543
Just confirmed this issue hasn't be fixed yet in 0.10.1.
With error message in debug console: [OpenGL] Unable to initialize OpenGL: current platform does not support multithreaded context sharing (String #1468893309)
Does anyone know what the syntax of PolylineGeometry's Points property is?
Dan Walmsley
haha beat me to it
Thanks :)
I get an error:
Unable to parse "0,0 65,0 78,-26 91,39 104,-39 117,13 130,0 195,0" as a point
:) shall be releasing some test stuff with 0.10.1 this week so thanks for all the work from everyone, might throw .net 6.0 p3 into the release as well.
Will it be fixed in 0.10.1?
what is the full xaml code that fails? as it worked last time I looked
@ahopper this is the whole file:
<Styles xmlns="https://github.com/avaloniaui"
    <Border Background="White">
      <DrawingPresenter Drawing="{DynamicResource Test}" Height="100" Width="500" />
    <DrawingGroup x:Key="Test">
      <PolylineGeometry IsFilled="True" Points="0,0 65,0 78,-26 91,39 104,-39 117,13 130,0 195,0" />
@ahopper atm. i've sovled it by converting it to a GeometryDrawing
at first glance it looks like this is a bug, it works as a Polyline but not a PolylineGeometry but I've never used polylinegeometry. Probably worth opening an issue.
Hi all... I am trying to create a horizontally scrollable list of items within a vertically scrollable list. Think groups (vertical list) of items (horizontal list). The problem is... I can scroll horizontally, but not vertically. I am assuming that's because the scroll event is being handled by the inner scrollviewer (horizontal items). How can I pass the vertical scroll events
from the inner scrollviewer to the outer scrollviewer?
Hey everyone! Is it easy to embed avalonia in an existing program with its own structure and setup?
I'd love to spawn little side-windows in my cross platform game engine for editing things (without building my own UI framework),
But most resources I can find all refer to setting up Avalonia projects from scratch. I'm not sure if there's any catches I'd be missing! If this is just the wrong tool for the job.
Hi! I'm a student. I've done a project using WPF and I'm now rewriting the code using Avalonia to make it cross platform. In my WPF app I used CollectionView to sort/filter and display data. I've been struggling to decide how to replace that with Avalonia. I'd like to add pagination as well. Should I go with DataGridCollectionView or implement something based on Dynamic Data? Does anyone have any code examples?
I realize now that there may be no real need for Dynamic Data as there is no need to update the source continuously in my app. I'd love to see an implementation of DataGridCollectionView with some pagination however.
I use standart MVVM template for creating my current sample. There is <local:ViewLocator /> in App.xaml
I want to resolve components with my custom dependency injection in my custom IViewLocator
Registered IViewLocator with my custom implementation
like this:
Locator.CurrentMutable.RegisterConstant(new AppViewLocator(), typeof(IViewLocator));
and removed <local:ViewLocator /> in App.xaml. My view locator is not calling by this logic.
I guess manual override of the IViewLocator not working or I missing something
Guys, I know, it's probably the wrong place to ask this, but maybe you might have faced the same problems and know the answers.
I'm using Avalonia MessageBox (https://github.com/AvaloniaUtils/MessageBox.Avalonia/). I have two questions.
1) Is it possible to center button texts? (Fluent theme). They are now aligned to the left side.
2) When there're multiple lines in the messagebox text, the lower part of the last line gets cut.
Hi everyone
I think I'm starting to become crazy, the simplest button of the world is just crashing my app
I have this
<Button Command="{Binding Haha}" Content="Hahahahahahahahahahahaahaha"/>
With this in the view model
public ReactiveCommand<Unit,Unit> Haha { get; }  = ReactiveCommand.Create( () =>
And i'm getting this wonderful error : Unhandled exception. System.InvalidOperationException: Call from invalid thread
Bartosz Korczyński
do you have .UseReactiveUI() in Program.cs?
I'm using a dependency controller, the issue seems to come from there but... everything was working fine till now t_t
that's a nightmare
it seems you have to set mainscheduler after DI
@omerfarukz hi Omer, thanks for the answer, could you elaborate just a bit on this?
check it out