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Repo info
    Geir-Ove Bøe
    Hi. I am thinking about creating a pull request for "opening up" the livereload options a bit. As of now the only thing you can set is the port. I really need to set the hostname option because when we run connect from gulp inside a docker container started with docker-compose the injected livereload string contains the name of the docker container instead of localhost as follows:
    <script src="//jalla:35729/livereload.js?snipver=1" async="" defer=""></script></body>
    I got it working locally by passing the whole opt.livereload object to livereload instead of passing just the port
    What do you think @AveVlad
    Geir-Ove Bøe
    Something like this goggenb/gulp-connect@f375703
    Justin Chase
    That looks good to me
    Go ahead and send that over and we'll merge it up this weekend.
    Basheer A Radman
    Thank you @alshamiri2
    Crypto Eraser
    Hi, could you please help me?
    I have been experiencing this issue and now, seeing this, I am even more confused. Is this a bug or a feature: gulp errors: “LiveReload disabled because it could not find its own <SCRIPT> tag”
    I have also submitted an issue regarding this.
    Ryan Hill
    Hi all, first time visitor and hopeful someone can assist or direct me in the right direction. My azure CI build started failing today on the npm install step. I've narrowed it down to event-stream@3.3.6 which is a dependency of gulp-connect@5.6.1. My issue is that while gulp-connect is the latest, event-stream is not and the version that's being pulled is no longer listed. So I'm wondering, what drives the dependency version? Why is gulp-connect not pulling event-stream@4.0.1?