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Alan Smith
With the update, the shortcodes have stopped working and I can't find documentation on how to get the login and submit ticket pages working. Please advise.
Julien Liabeuf
Great update with the ticket details template @Ninos :)
David Pearce
Hi Julien, I am a previous owner of WPAS from Envato. Can you please tell me how I can assign a ticket to another user?
Julien Liabeuf
@ccd-dp, in v2 just like in v3 you should see a metabox on the right hand side of the ticket edit screen (admin side). In this metabox you'll see a dropdown list where you can choose the agent to assign the current ticket to.
Florian Gareis
Hey anybody here?
Good day, I would like to ask if how to fix the fatal error: Allowed memory when I activated the plug in?? i think the plugin cant handle many users? I have more than 12k user.. Thank you
I have a question when will the documentation addon be released any ETA?
Myles McNamara
aloha guys!
Does anybody know if there's any documentation on creating addons?
Julien Liabeuf
There is no documentation (yet), but you can check out the addon boilerplate: https://github.com/Awesome-Support/Addon-Boilerplate
Vladica Bibeskovic
Hi there, will there be an option to edit the tickets the user have submitted? Sometimes they send us login details, and we need to edit tickets in database, could there be a way to enable editing for the submitted message in the WP admin?
Julien Liabeuf

We are not planning to make users tickets / replies editable. The reason is that we believe what the client said should not be altered. However, I understand your situation and I think there is one thing in our roadmap that would fit: https://trello.com/c/ToMHlLfP

Obviously it's not developed yet but it should be in the coming months.

Benjamin Intal
Based on my experience, customers do keep on putting their login details in tickets and we manually remove them :(
I've made a small bugfix (issue 273) how can I push my fix to the repo, as my first ever pull request :P
Hello, is this the room to discuss development and code contributions for awesome-support? I have some questions and ideas about the code but want to make sure what I have in mind isn't already doable
Arleys Resco
Anybody here ? I got a question about Awesome Support and WPML
Basically styles are not loading on translated page.
Myles McNamara
It’s always best to just ask your question instead of asking if it’s okay to ask … that way if someone does see it, at least they can answer instead of saying “yeah im here” and then not being here when you post your question
joerg | george
Hi Guys, “the_title” filter hook is incorrectly applied :-( Post: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/the_title-filter-hook-incorrectly-applied) Would be great if soomeone can patch the file :-)
Anderson Michel
Hi, I found a bug in Awesome-Support files while using wp cli but I dint examined it yet. Can I report on Issues? Or may I fork the repo and send a pull request? (I'm new to github)