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Dec 2015
Dec 03 2015 10:09
Does anyone know, is there a way to pass Basic Auth from browser to Locomote? What I have is a web-page that is accessible over Basic Auth, but Locomote is not authorized to access same webserver :/.
Dec 03 2015 10:58
I think that it is posible to pass user and password directly in to the url
Dec 03 2015 11:46
@FDiskas unfortunately, as far as I know, only browser knows them. I can't access it from JS
Dec 03 2015 15:24
It certainly is possible to pass in URL as @FDiskas says, have not investigated another way
Dec 03 2015 15:41
@h-no: it is, but I can't pass something I don't know. Since, you enter creds for Basic Auth in native browser form, there is no (per my knowledge) way to access cached login.