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Dec 2015
Dec 21 2015 09:46
@drowzy , @h-no check my question, please :)
Simon Thörnqvist
Dec 21 2015 11:00
I think it's to prevent calling functions on null if the locomote obj was destroyed before it could be stopped properly.
Dec 21 2015 11:01
Maybe, we should check result of __swfReady() then, instead of object existence?
Dec 21 2015 11:23
@drowzy, another question considering __swfReady property, isn't it tad misleading that it is boolean_ most of the time and suddenly becomes _function on destroy? Wouldn't it be better to just assign __swfReady = false on destroy? or null to distinguish from "not ready yet" state.
my bad, I confused {boolean} swfready and {function} __swfReady