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Feb 2016
Feb 17 2016 10:45
FYI: after contacting contributors of Locomote regarding the license of Locomote and changing it to a more permissive license, we have decided to change the license to
We'll tag a new release shortly....
Gaétan Collaud
Feb 17 2016 14:49
Thank you for asking to the contributors. ;)
off topic : Since flash will be removed from all browser eventually, what is your plan for locomote ?
In my company we use it to play video stream from axis camera (and AVHS). But sooner or later we will have to move to html5. Do you plan to adapt locomote to html5 or will it be another separate project ?
I don't know if you already have though about that at Axis ?
Simon Thörnqvist
Feb 17 2016 14:56
We are working on it, it will be seperate from locomote.
Gaétan Collaud
Feb 17 2016 15:03
Thanks for the clarification
Feb 17 2016 15:08
Are you going to implement WebRTC client?