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Aug 2016
Aug 11 2016 06:07
Hi guys, Our camera having H.264 and MJPEG support of Video codec on RTSP over TCP and UDP both. Right now we are not able to play video using MJPEG on RTSP using Locomote. We are going to enhance Locomote for support of MJPEG on RTSP. So I want help from you for confirm : it is feasible to play MJEPG on RTSP using Flash plugin. If it is possible then we can start looking on that.
Second thing I want to confirm is H.264 can play on RTSP over UDP. Is it possible using flash player?
Gaétan Collaud
Aug 11 2016 07:23
Hi, don't take my answer for the absolute truth, but I think you have to pass a stream into the video decoder. So the stream can come from anywhere.
Aug 11 2016 10:09
@gaetancollaud why it is not working with RTSP over UDP
Aug 11 2016 10:30
@gaetancollaud When I pass my rtsp url for mjpeg codec here "client = new RTSPClient(urlParsed, new RTSPoverTCPHandle(urlParsed));" I Got JPEG packets in wireshark but not able to start the streaming.
Aug 11 2016 18:26
@India_bhavin_twitter, RTSP client is implemented employing either Socket class or URLStream class both are TCP only. DatagramSocket is mentioned in the reference it seems to be implemented by AIR but not available in Flash runtime.
@India_bhavin_twitter, regarding MJPEG support. RTSP player uses NetStream at it's core, and basically re-muxes RTP stream into FLV. According to the spec it might support JPEG, you should research it. Before trying to code it, I suggest muxing a FLV file with MJPEG video stream and playing it with some Flash file player. There is one called FLV player on Chrome Web Store. There is a chance that it doesn't work. In that case, you might want to combine RTSP player and renderer from HTTP player, which renders JPEG frames as a sequence of switching sprites.