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Apr 2016
Billy B.
Apr 18 2016 00:36
added wiki page :)
Andrea Sonny
Apr 18 2016 06:57
Great. I'm having a look right now
Regarding the players movements and interactions in multiplayer, we need to define the world 🌍 size.
Andrea Sonny
Apr 18 2016 07:03
In this way we can store an array on positions on the servers side and make the logic works
Because you defined different "lobbies", a possible position object would be:
"player1: {" lobby": "world", "latitude": 170560, "longitude": 19611}
The tricky part would be to spread and fetch all the users positions to all the users connected, several times per second
Andrea Sonny
Apr 18 2016 07:08
If you want, I can start working on a server side app written in Nodejs and try to establish an interaction with the client side