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Jun 2016
Billy B.
Jun 10 2016 00:06
hey sonny. i've completed 50 out of the 81 lessons so far and am learning a lot
lots of these concepts i didn't know about or wasn't even taught in my javascript class. i'm not ready to work on the project yet, in fact there is so much stuff i feel i don't know, but i would like you to teach me as much as you can along the way. in fact, i think that you should lead the programming aspect of this project, and i should follow your directives. i can show you where the game is meant to go, but you can teach me which methodologies are the best for creating efficient code
i like tony alicea a lot and think that i will try out his node.js course also. i'm interested in mongodb as well. i want to learn more about the back-end and how information is stored and accessed
i was thinking about player states and how that information is shared between users, and i thought to myself, should the game only share information on users that are nearby to save memory space, or share information on everyone, even users not currently playing, to be accessed whenever? maybe this could be done in a way where the database exists, but the user can access it at any time, and briefly gain access to the information? i want to look more into this
those are some of my thoughts, i'm going to keep cracking away at this course, i just finished learning about closures, as well as call() apply() and bind()
Billy B.
Jun 10 2016 00:11
i hope that all is well with you. -bill
Andrea Sonny
Jun 10 2016 07:57
hey man. that’s sounds great. well done with that
i’m ready to continue when you are, don’t worry