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Mar 2015
Qiong Wu
Mar 11 2015 00:00
any experience on documentdb performance with nodejs yet?
Andrew Liu
Mar 11 2015 19:44
you could say that... what's up?
mind providing some context?
Qiong Wu
Mar 11 2015 20:50
we're building a nodejs project right now and I tried replacing our mongodb server with a documentdb server using docooment, the mongoose style wrapper for documentdb, but the performance was less than we had hoped for, and I was just wondering if the performance of the azure-documentdb-node driver would be better
are there any numbers on documentdb vs mongodb performance on nodejs?
thanks :)
Ariel Mashraki
Mar 11 2015 20:53
at the end of the day, docoomentdb, doQmentdb, etc.. they just a wrappers on top of documentdb-sdk
I can offer you to try to using "sporcs". you will find that the response time become really more fast
Ariel Mashraki
Mar 11 2015 21:23
If you're not getting why, I can explain it deeply @Freundschaft .
Qiong Wu
Mar 11 2015 22:05
what are sporcs?
are you referring to stored procedures?
thanks for the response :) I dont get how I can improve response time using sporcs