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Mar 2015
Andrew Liu
Mar 12 2015 00:21
Mind giving me some details on some of the current performance issues you're seeing? In particular, I'm interested in what kind of queries you are running and what the shape of your json looks like. I'd be happy to provide guidance
Qiong Wu
Mar 12 2015 01:33
I'm doing a simple
User.find({}).lean().exec(function (err, users) {
for a user login/listing
Ariel Mashraki
Mar 12 2015 08:18
I sent you a message @Freundschaft , with my explanation when and why you want to use "sporcs"(mostly for things like: update, findOrCreate, etc.., not for querying),
and how to deal with a lot of records(it's seems that's the situation here)
so if it's help you, share it here please.