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Aug 2015
Valentin Roudge
Aug 17 2015 14:12
Hey guys !
I'm getting a 401 using the npm package documentdb on node
Any idea of what might happen ? I'm trying to update a document, and it just does not go through :(
Valentin Roudge
Aug 17 2015 14:46
body: '{"code":"Unauthorized","message":"The input authorization token can\'t serve the request. Please check that the expected payload is built as per the protocol, and check the key being used. Server used the following payload to sign: \'put\ncolls\n7cmdaj-4aga=\nmon, 17 aug 2015 14:45:43 gmt\n\n\'\r\nActivityId: 21f66d90-9518-4e06-9099-ef0a41b11518"}'
Andrew Liu
Aug 17 2015 19:06
@vroudge - that doesnt sound good... let me try to help
which npm package and version are you using?