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    Dale Anderson
    Which Azure service are you trying to authenticate against (e.g. Azure Web Apps, SQL Azure, ARM, DocumentDB, etc)? Again, it's unlikely I'll be able to help, a stackoverflow post would probably be your best bet.
    L Suarez
    Hello all. Got a bit of a question about working with DateTime data types. I know in an ideal world I'd just convert to DateTimeOffset, but I'm working with some legacy data that I can't really touch. I was hoping I could modify the MobileServiceClient.SerializerSettings.DateTimeZoneHandling to prevent the serializer from assuming it needed to send my DateTime from local to UTC, but that setting doesn't seem to be honored by the client.
    What are my options for preventing JSON.NET from making this serialization change?
    Navneet Garg
    @danderson00 i created it by my self right now i am looking to use AD auth in node js for getting data from applicationinsights as given in doc https://dev.applicationinsights.io/documentation/Authorization/Rate-limits "Limits when using Azure Active Directory authentication" and https://dev.applicationinsights.io/documentation/Overview/URL-formats "Azure API format".
    tables are created with a default constraint: ALTER TABLE [dbo].[MyTable] ADD CONSTRAINT [DF_MyTable_id] DEFAULT (CONVERT([nvarchar](255),newid(),(0))) FOR [id]. anything i should be aware of before replacing the impl to some string that is not a converted newid()?
    Hi guys. I am new to using node.js as a back-end. The samples have been a great help in giving me a feel for how to use it. However I was wondering how I would implement a "Virtual Table". Essentially the "personal-table" sample, but abstracted into a virtual table. So there would be two tables: TodoItem, and PersonalTodoItem. The first, if queried, would return all records. The second, when queried by the client, must query the first table, returning only those with the matching userId. Therefore the second is just a "virtual table". Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! I have been hacking around trying to get this to work but no joy yet...
    Ignacio Fuentes

    hey all!.
    It's been a while since i used azure mobile services

    I just finished setting up the node getting started sample. I deploy via git and it seems to be successful deployment but all I get is 500 from Postman now :(

    where should i start to look for potential causes?
    Girish Meena
    Can someone guide me good resource for Azure easy table performance with large data (in thousands) & data capacity?
    What is the future of easy tables going forward and how they behave with high volume data?
    Fabrizio Guglielmino
    Hi all
    I have a SPA application made in react/redux
    I’m trying to figure out the best deploy strategy on Azure…It’s frontend only, it consumes API ftom a 3rd party sources
    I see there are many options, it would be fine to use CDN + Blob storage
    but I need to handle 404 redirect and other rules
    is that possible? It is better to use other ways?
    Girish Meena
    @guglielmino - CDN used mainly for storing your js libraries, Blob is type of storage provided by Azure - it majorly used for storing large files - images/ excel etc.
    @guglielmino you can create an App service
    Fabrizio Guglielmino
    Ok, I’ll take a look to App Service
    so on version 2 of the sdk, this used to work but now doesn't work on version 4, tried different combinations, but still fails with request.azureMobile.tables(...).where(...).execute is not a function
        id: person 
    }).execute().then((results) => { 
    }).catch((err) => { console.log(err) });
    found it, replaced .execute() with .read(), works
    Kurt Opel
    sorry if this has been asked already. Authenticated users. custom api to get the user info i.e. emails etc.. any samples? tried request.user.getIdentities() but that seems to be the previous version. (i.e. Mobile Sevices)
    Rizky Ario
    Hi all,
    How do we set cors to the config?
    I tried to add codes below in config.js but still received "Origin http://www.xxx.yyy is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin"
    var config = {
      homePage: true,
      swagger: true,
      cors: {
        hostnames: ["localhost, www.xxx.yyy"]
    Martin Andersen
    I'm doing local development of features and running node.js server using mobile apps fine through Visual Studio code. Until now I have tested stuff with Postman to issue REST calls. Now I want to test with my android app towards my local running instance of the node webserver. But it does not work. I have a token that I have generated to use locally (offline development), which works fine using Postman. Normally a live Azure node backend server will have Auth service infront of the webserver, adding a header called X-MS-CLIENT-PRINCIPAL-ID with the decoded userid sid:xxxxxx from the provided token before it reaches my app. I then use var userID = req.header('x-ms-client-principal-id') to get the ID of the current user. But this does not work when server is running in a local development environment. How can this even be tested offline for development without having to manually insert the sid:xxxxx to the request headers from my android app?
    Andrea Chua

    Is there a way to use custom sql statements along with DECLARE @Variable = xxxx properly? I keep getting complains about missing parameter when i attempt to execute the following example

    var query = {
                sql: 'DECLARE @hello = '1233455';  /* some statements in between */ ; SELECT * FROM t1 WHERE id = @id;',
                parameters: [
                    { name: 'id', value: request.query.id }

    it says hello was missing from query.parameters.

    Martin Andersen
    I have a user database and I'm implementing permissions. Through easy tables I have added a new column and specified "number" as datatype. Unfortunately this gets translated to MSSQL datatype float(53) or float(8) some tool shows me. If I want to do a bitwise search, I only get an error The expression 'this.hhIndex & 1'' is not supported.
    I understand bitwise operations on float is not flying. I can use direct SQL statements, which works when casting the hhIndex above to INT. But, what options do I have to keep using easy tables and do bitwise search operations? I see this as a bug
    Using EasyAuth for authentication works in our system. We have facebook and google login using android. We added google login to our iOS app, but having two platform logins for google seems not to be supported. How do we then make this work? I can't believe this is not suported
    Hi every one
    Could you guys help me this problem
    i am trying to insert a row but it isn't working for me
    the error is Invalid data type provided
    subhash viswakarma
    how set watch folder for node js assets folder
    Hi all.
    I want to know if I could use Loopback.js (http://v4.loopback.io/) instead of express.
    Loopback supports express middleware, so I would be using loopback to create all endpoints and connect all azure libraries to loopback.
    I try to filter some data based on list of ids. But I can't find how to make my where() function use a list for a specific parameter. I know that I can use a function instead object as parameter for the where function but I don't know the prototype.
    To be clearer, I try to use the SQL "IN" request.
    Claude Moore
    I've learned a lot about the detailed analysis of the top three cloud platforms with a comparison chart and additional insights for building a strong case for cloud migration from here: https://www.romexsoft.com/blog/aws-vs-google-cloud-vs-azure/
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    Hi all.

    I've learned a lot about the detailed analysis of the top three cloud platforms with a comparison chart and additional insights for building a strong case for cloud migration from here: https://www.romexsoft.com/blog/aws-vs-google-cloud-vs-azure/
    Share the link for u guys, need 2 know!

    Fortunately, cloud migrations are not tricky too much with the right strategy and cloud provider in place, you can move the chosen business components to the cloud seamlessly. Also check this link https://innovecs.com/blog/cloud-migration/

    Hey there everyone,
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    Anton Kuchyk

    Hi everyone, Azure fans!

    Thanks for the code snippets. Cloud migration used to be a much harder task when we just started. Cloud migration could be challenging, and if this is the issue you are dealing with, it would hurt to you contact the professionals, like Glorium Technologies - https://gloriumtech.com/

    Hi guys, I have an issue in deploying a nodejs app for my xamarin app, https://zumo-7lutx23aszcvi.scm.azurewebsites.net/api/deployments/latest/log
    Any ideas what am I doing wrong ?
    Edmee Tanguay
    Je laisse le lien vers votre site web : https://www.cevagraf.coop/imprimerie/