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    Ahson Khan
    Hello Azure SDK for C :)
    Alexandru Tofan
    Hello, will you add a sample for telemetry not using the certificate but rather an azure connection string
    Dane Walton
    @alexsys- Absolutely. We should have one demonstrating SAS key usage very shortly.
    Dane Walton
    @alexsys- We now have a telemetry sample using SAS keys if you would like to check it out:
    Samuel Marks
    Hi! - Just added Azure/azure-sdk-for-c#1837 - I like your zero allocation approach
    Roar Larsen
    Hi, anyone done some http implementation based on cellular/GSM AT commands? I'm looking for some embedded sample code (STM32L4 ) for evaluation to decide wether to use Azure SDK for C or the GSM MQTT AT commands directly....
    Dane Walton
    Hi @rolarsen we don't have any official samples demonstrating that. We do have this section here which hopefully helps with porting it to an AT command implementation. I'll leave it up to the community to also provide any implementation they might have.
    Vitomir Pavlov
    Hi, do you have samples where I can connect to IoT Hub Device using X509 certificate using Arduino IDE and EPS8266 ? Currently, there is working sample only with the private key of the device. Additionally, I could find X509 certificate sample, but it is using the Paho Mqtt Client and I am not able reproduce it on Arduino - https://github.com/Azure/azure-sdk-for-c/blob/main/sdk/samples/iot/paho_iot_hub_twin_sample.c