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    Tim Laverty
    Devis Lucato
    Hi, just want to ask a question related to Azire API Management. created a microservice using Spring WebFlux (will produce Server Side Events) to expose an API that will publish data as an event stream which is consumed by the client as EventSource. However, the Azure API Management is preventing the data to be consumed as text/event-stream. Any thoughts?
    Kasi Srinivasan
    Hello, I'm looking for the Azure automation script/ARM template associated with the IoT Device Simulation https://github.com/Azure/azure-iot-pcs-device-simulation. I see the docker files to host the container but the one that I need is the template/script which can deploy Linux VM, availability set created through the website https://www.azureiotsolutions.com/Accelerators#description/device-simulation. Can you please point me to the location where i can find the template or the scripts to deploy the simulation without going through the portal?
    Troy Hopwood
    @KasiSrinivasan_twitter You can find the ARM template in the CLI project here: https://github.com/Azure/pcs-cli/tree/master/solutions/devicesimulation/armtemplate
    Kasi Srinivasan
    @troyhopwood - thanks very much.
    Hi, I'm looking for a solution for azure IoT hub connection resiliency and retry. I receive a message from a device continuously and send to IoT hub. When a network disconnect the device client enter into Disconnect_Retrying state, in the fraction of second there are few messages called sendEventAsyc method.it has reached in the queue. The default timeout device client retry operation timeout is 4 minutes, till it's get timeout in the other
    side where the messages send caller is waiting for a response. This process got hang. Later I tried to set retry policy and reduced retry count 10 and operation timeout as 90 second. It's releases the hung state. In parallel there is job running to restore the connection. For IoT hub connection and better handling is the any best practices to follow to have reliable connectivity and send data without process. Could I few suggestion for this scenario.
    Hello. Any reason to stop support for solution accelerators such as device simulator and remote monitoring?