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Repo info
    Stewart Robinson
    Does Wraith support adding a delay before taking the screenshot? My page hasn't finished loading the ember app before I am taking a shot even though the document is ready
    David Blooman
    Drew Robinson
    Hey BBC people
    Can someone tell me if Wraith supports running with PhantomJS 2??
    Drew Robinson
    Silly question, yay, it does! (checked myself)
    Thanks people :-)
    Fareed Dudhia
    Hi, I'm trying to run wraith history, and phantomjs is crashing and segfaulting all over the place
    I haven't managed to get a single screenshot yet
    Anyone seen this before? Do I just not have enough RAM in Vagrant?
    Fareed Dudhia
    Also currently not able to get past 'Creating Folders'
    using wraith history
    Ashok Modi
    @fmd what does your config look like?
    I'm using wraith history as well and my config had been cause of some of those types of issues
    by default wraith runs 8 processes for the images
    John Bickar
    Does wraith support multiple config files at once? E.g., wraith capture base config, when there is a config.yaml and a base.yaml file in the configs directory?
    Jakob Pedersen
    It doesn’t look like it
    I gave it a quick try and only the first config file were used
    Michael Sherron
    Hey everybody, great tool! Has anyone implemented CasperJS scripts to capture screenshots of hover states yet? Eg: comparisons of dropdown menus?
    Or if there's a better way to do said, I'm all ears
    anyone alive ?
    Thamu Gurung
    @All How to clear browser cache ? I am running wraith on Windows with phantomJS . I did clear local cache but its still taking cache version images ...appreciate your suggestion..
    Thamu Gurung
    Seems like no one is alive in this group ?