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Nov 2015
Nov 06 2015 03:02
Please respond if you all of you can make tomorrow's meeting. We should be able to make some progress, in preparation for a peer review. Temina, could you please let me know your Skype ID? Dav. could you let us know how we can reserve the room?
Nov 06 2015 03:38
Do we meet at BIDS from 2-3 or attend the 2:30pm session at Evans?
Nov 06 2015 03:39
My Skype is temina.madon -- I suggest meeting at BIDS from 2-245 and then head over to Evans (especially if there are clearly defined questions about how to implement the analysis)
Nov 06 2015 04:22
Jack Man
Nov 06 2015 04:34
OK, I am available at that time
Nov 06 2015 04:35
@davclark Can you help us reserve a room tomorrow at BIDS?
Nov 06 2015 04:41
I am available for the meeting at 2 tomorrow
Nov 06 2015 05:49
Same here.
Nov 06 2015 08:46
I can meet at 2
Nov 06 2015 18:09
Hi Folks-- CEGA's offices are available if needed. I'll send a note to our office admin if you decide you want to meet there (She can unlock the conference room for you)
Nov 06 2015 18:24
@/all I happen to be in Doe Library now and I just finished reserving a room at BIDS from 2pm - 3pm
The meeting room is the one in which we had our first meeting by the way:)