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Nov 2015
Nov 10 2015 03:25
@renai33 ,do you mind to reiterate what kind of information should I pay attention to as I evaluate the WB development reports?
Nov 10 2015 05:17
Please look for citations of academic research (authors' names, years of publication, titles of academic paper) in regards to CCT evaluation. Thanks.
Nov 10 2015 11:52
I'd like to share information on peer review: @davclark wrote at hackingmeasuremment.github.
Hi again! @javirosa and I have created an initial template for evaluation along with a timeline for the class project. We hope you find it useful:
I’ve assigned the teams you are supposed to evaluate here:
You’ll see that only enrolled members of the class have their assignments, but all team members are encouraged to participate in the process!
Also note that the carpool-project has a special note at the bottom.
@/all Please have a look at the above info for the course requirements and how we’ve mapped out the rest of the semester!