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Nov 2015
Nov 19 2015 17:06
There startup company may have interesting resources for us:
@renai33 can you follow up with our colleagues at World Bank to get the XML feed they said they'd provide? Thanks!
Dav Clark
Nov 19 2015 18:58
on Altmetrics, BITSS (in CEGA) and also BIDS has some interest in these things. Let me (and Temina) know if you want to be put in touch with folks to dig in to alt-metrics!
Nov 19 2015 20:53
I'll follow up with the WB. Let's just meet on Friday at 2pm. Can @YangZhou0417 book the same meeting room? Thank you.
Nov 19 2015 20:54
no problem
Nov 19 2015 22:33
The same room reserved for tomorrow start from 2pm-3pm . See you guys there!