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Dec 2015
Jack Man
Dec 03 2015 04:51
We had our meeting yesterday, mainly discussing about our final presentation this Thursday, at 3.30pm. We will also come earlier tomorrow and get prepared for our final presentation.
Jack Man
Dec 03 2015 05:05
@davclark I've been using Google Scholar API to get the citation information, which seems to be working fine, but if I hammer Google’s servers too much with calling this API, Google Scholar just block me. Is there any way to deal with that?
Dec 03 2015 17:52
Good luck with the presentation today!
Dav Clark
Dec 03 2015 18:47
@manjiangjie Probably you just need to “throttle” your requests. Since this is not a sanctioned usage, there won’t be published limits, but you could experiment with adding random sleep() calls in between API calls.