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Dec 2015
Dec 08 2015 03:23
Jack and John regarding your question about joining two tables. On the left side of the equation, we'll have, research.year,,, research.journal, On the right side, we'll have aid.year, (coded either as iso2, iso3 depending on digits), aid.amount (use both disbursement and commitment in constant/real $). On the right side, we'll also have, policy.year,,, Common variable against which we join the table is research.year and aid.year. It needs to be the same calendar year. We can try a dynamic model, taking into account a lagged response (time gap between research and policy response).
Dec 08 2015 04:06
@davclark Yeah I think it's not us since we may need to present earlier as Woojin can not stick around for too long. Sorry for the late reply:)
Dec 08 2015 22:39
@davclark Are we supposed to keep the presentation time within 5 minutes? Because we might take a little bit longer as we want to do some demo