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Feb 2016
Dav Clark
Feb 05 2016 17:05
Just in case there was some confusion... I'm in D-Lab now, but no one else is here yet. I'm back in my office, which is across from the room I reserved (371 Barrows).
Feb 05 2016 17:10
OK We arrived at DLAB at 9.....
Dav Clark
Feb 05 2016 17:12
I guess you are in the wrong room. I'll try to find you.
Are you in BIDS?
I don't see you
Feb 05 2016 19:26
For stat consulting, I can make Thu 2-3pm. What about the others? I think it's better to meet earlier. I'm also OK with the week after week. Thank you for arranging this.
Jack Man
Feb 05 2016 20:33
I am OK too. I am free on Thu 1-3pm.