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Feb 2016
Feb 29 2016 18:07
Today 12-1p we will have a short meeting to finalize our task for this week at BIDA , although it's not mandatory, I think the meeting process will be faster if we have more people there, anyone who is free at that time is encouraged to show up! @/all
Feb 29 2016 18:57
Hi, all Sorry I just found out that my students sign up for my office hours from 12-1pm today. I thought no one would show up today. So can we reschedule our meeting to tomorrow? I'm available after noon. Do you guys want to meet up at usual time we used to meet from 3-4pm at BIDS?
Dav Clark
Feb 29 2016 18:58
@anthonysuen are you seeing the discussion here?
Feb 29 2016 18:58
yeah seeing it now
Feb 29 2016 19:21
Sorry but I have class tomorrow from 3 to 4, but please update me for tomorrow's meeting.
Feb 29 2016 19:51
I also have class tomorrow from 3-4. But I can come at 3:30 when class's over.
Feb 29 2016 20:07
I am okay to meet tmr