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Mar 2016
Mar 01 2016 00:30
@manjiangjie & @YangZhou0417 @zcyang123 @nwingin Let me know what time works for you on either Tue or Wed.
Jack Man
Mar 01 2016 00:32
I am free after Tuesday 3pm and Wednesday 4pm
Mar 01 2016 04:00
I am free after Tuesday 3pm and Wednesday 4pm
Mar 01 2016 04:36
Also, @stellamberV let me know when you're available on Tue and Wed
Mar 01 2016 05:55
I have classes on Tuesday 2-3:30 pm, Wednesday 1-2 and 4-5:30 pm. At other time I’m available.
Mar 01 2016 17:48
OK. Let's meet at 3pm today at BIDS. John let me know when you can join us.
Mar 01 2016 19:42
sure, I will come today at 3pm
Mar 01 2016 20:56
There are four project meetings in addition to the Friday's general meeting this week: (1) DB protocol (Tue) from 3-4pm (2) stat consulting today (Tue) from 3-4pm at Evans 443 (3) Discussion with Dav about missing data imputation methods on Wed from 11:00-11:30 at 371 Barrows Hall (4) project management meeting on Wed from 11:30-12:00 at 371 Barrows Hall with Dav and Anthony . Please let me know if you want to come.