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Mar 2016
Mar 05 2016 00:35
Hi all I am at the doctor' office with my daughter now. I will be running a little late. Could John Jack Nicolie Stella share our model headers with the group (I have updated the spredsheet on the google drive) and discuss our next step based on our last Tue meeting? Another engine wr can add is WB's e library with the search term "cash transfer*" Anthony will facilitate the group process. I will be there as soon as I am done.
Mar 05 2016 01:27
website to find the DOI when you did't find it on the WB page:
Mar 05 2016 05:02
@davclark Hi Dav, since our new group members need to upload the meeting notes but they do not have the access to do so, could you please authorize them for access for cega-trace github repo?
Sunny Aggarwal
Mar 05 2016 05:06
Y'all, can you please give me your email address so I can add you to slack?
Mar 05 2016 05:16
Dav Clark
Mar 05 2016 05:29
@YangZhou0417 I may not be able to get to that until maybe Monday. There are other admins, though!
Mar 05 2016 06:17
Dav Clark
Mar 05 2016 06:25
OK, @YangZhou0417 I made you, @renai33 and @manjiangjie all admins! Please add folks who should have write access here:
Mar 05 2016 06:31
Thanks Dav! I've add all the new members in our github repo. And feel free to add your own info on the wiki page: @sunnya97 @zongjinglin @stellamberV @EricaZhu @JonghwanSun @Fionn616
Mar 05 2016 23:48
and could you tell me the name of the library about NLP location you mentioned yesterday?