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Mar 2016
Dav Clark
Mar 29 2016 00:46
@renai33 I added more comments, especially on appendix c. Let me know if anything is unclear. Overall, though, I think the meat of the proposal is pretty good!
Mar 29 2016 00:49
Thanks Dav! Jenny and Jack reflected on a simpler way of doing web scrapping and db building. They added it under appendix C with the parenthesis. Could you take a look at it and see if it makes sense?
Mar 29 2016 01:00
More questions if you have time.. (1) should appendix C be moved into the main body? (2) Would a longer lit review under Question 2 be better (just added)? (3) a list of data sources (detailed search engines, digital library names) would be necessary? Or footnotes would be fine? (4) Any comments on team description? Many thanks!!
Mar 29 2016 01:01
I just uploaded the doi_query python script into github, I tested several files and it seems to work well.