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Apr 2016
Apr 02 2016 00:04 UTC
@/all We're at room 371 at Barrow.
Dav Clark
Apr 02 2016 00:05 UTC
If you want access to the projector, please talk to Jon Stiles in the main D-Lab classroom (the Convening Room). It’s across the hall from the elevators, off the public space.
Apr 02 2016 00:25 UTC
Sunny Aggarwal
Apr 02 2016 00:59 UTC
Oh sorry, forgot to let you know, I'm at the Clinton thing right now
Apr 02 2016 07:52 UTC
Hey Guys, meeting notes have already been uploaded and feel free to edit if you notice I missed something:
See you guys next Monday:)
Apr 02 2016 14:38 UTC
At the meeting, we also discussed about the importance of regular attendance (everyone on Monday and representatives of each group on Fri). To achieve our milestone activities by the end of the semester, "attendance to meetings on time" is highly expected. Unexcused absence or being habitually late to the meeting makes team work very difficult. If something urgent comes up, to respect the busy schedule of others, send a quick note in advance of the next meeting via gitter to give team members the courtesy of knowing you can’t make the meeting or are running late.