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Apr 2016
Apr 07 2016 18:27
@davclark Monday between 2-4 or Friday 10:30pm-3pm works for me. @all I invited database specialist (Harrison Dekker ) to discuss about our DB structures and the possibility of using MySQL (ideas for a server, cost). He will be joining us at 4:30am on Monday. Hope DB team members can make it. There is also DB training at the D-lab next Monday (11th) from 12-2pm, which I'll be attending. I brained-stormed with Harrion about our DB structure and saved it under DB folder FYI.
Apr 07 2016 18:48
@davclark No problem! Woojin's Friday time works for me.
Thank you Woojin, and just let you guys know I'm out of town this Friday so I will not be able to attend the meeting on Friday.
Dav Clark
Apr 07 2016 18:56
OK - so let’s hold Friday 4/16 at 10:30 for now. @manjiangjie we can adjust that as late as noon. Please let us know your availability!
@renai33 FYI I’m in the midst of transitioning another team from MySQL to PostgreSQL, because it is generally better. Here’s an explanation for why people use MySQL:
Jack Man
Apr 07 2016 20:19
@davclark Fri 10:30 works for me. Also, any tutorial for using postgres? We may want to take a look first
Dav Clark
Apr 07 2016 20:20
OK - let’s do that, then. I don’t know any particular tutorials that I like for any database… but I definitely have found that working wtih docker is an easy way to explore different approaches. With the docker toolbox, you can use the kitematic gui to bring up and down all kinds of databases. I’m happy to walk y’all through that
Apr 07 2016 22:09
@renai33 So when is the large group meeting tomorrow?
Apr 07 2016 22:10
from 3-4pm