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Apr 2016
Apr 22 2016 07:19
Sorry I will not be able to attend the meeting tomorrow. Please let me of any weekly task.
Sunny Aggarwal
Apr 22 2016 19:41
What time today?
Jack Man
Apr 22 2016 19:47
Sunny Aggarwal
Apr 22 2016 21:02
Ok im probably not gonna be able to make it. My mom is here in Berkeley so I'm gonna be showing her around.
I finished the new database script
But it keeps crashing cause Google keeps stopping my ping
So I'm gonna make it have like a few seconds per request
I'll run it overnight tonight and try to get it out to yall tomorrow
Apr 22 2016 21:31
I uploaded the merged file of mpi_yearcorrect and mpi_ci_change in aid data -> combined -> mpi_povr folder
R code is in mpi_all_cy and the excel file is mpi_povr_merged
Apr 22 2016 22:59
Sorry guys, I won't be able to attend the meeting today, got a session I need to attendI'm still trying to implement the scarper for the reference using the doi, and I will keep in touch with sunny and Dav and hopefully solve the bugs ASAP. Pls let me know about the task.