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Apr 2016
Apr 23 2016 00:22
do we have the basic information about the books we are analyzing and their type?
and can they be indexed as their id as 1,2,3,4 so that I can match them with DOIs and at least analyzing the frequency of references
Apr 23 2016 01:02
Sunny and John are you working on scraping the abstracts of the books and save them as the txt files? These might be used when identifying the country infos.
Apr 23 2016 01:42
We intend to save them as csv files
have you tried using the txt files which just changed the name?
Apr 23 2016 01:49
Yes we are going to use those files first.
Apr 23 2016 17:20
Hi all I hope everyone can make it Monday's meeting. Given the nature of the team work, we really need to have everyone on board. On Monday, we will be running some analysis with Jenny's DOIs. If Sunny and John can extract bibliographic info from the DOIs, we can go one step further. Next week, we'll also prepare for our presentation at data science fair on May 3rd. To present anything, we should get some results by Monday.