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May 2016
May 05 2016 02:25 UTC
Hi all. Great job in both presenting at the info school and at the Data Science fair. All of us had a chance to talk at least one of the two events. I took some photos at the science fair, which I'll be uploading to our google drive. We'll be having a wrap up meeting this Friday and next Monday. Friday, we can meet at 5:30 pm. We'll debrief our work for the semester, and make note for members coming next semester (location of key files, important things that you want the others to know). Also, let me know if you're intrested in working on this on wards. After the meeting, we can go for dinner or beer. Any suggestions for a good place? If you can't make Friday's meeting, we can alternatively meet on Monday anytime. Let me know about your availability. Thank you.
May 05 2016 02:26 UTC
I really don't know much places but I can make it then lol
Jack Man
May 05 2016 03:45 UTC
Same as Stella, I can do Friday