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Sep 2015
Dav Clark
Sep 03 2015 05:53 UTC
Dear all - welcome to the class forum! Looking forward to continuing our conversations here. As special topics and projects break out, we can create additional rooms. I've also activated an integration with our github repo... so updates will appear in our forum here as well (and you'll see when the site is updated).
Vivek Hutheesing
Sep 03 2015 06:33 UTC
OK, I'm on. Vivek
Sep 03 2015 19:11 UTC
Nice hat
Casey Law
Sep 03 2015 20:09 UTC
Hello All. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend class today, but am interested in contributing as a mentor. My background is in Astronomy, but am excited about DIY/sensor ideas and dataviz.
Dav Clark
Sep 03 2015 20:46 UTC
Link for today’s notes: