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Sep 2015
Sep 11 2015 18:25
Hi all! I just joined and would love to get involved with the Aurorasaurus project (protest/riot tracking in collaboration with NASA? Awesome!) or earthquake sensing and ecosystem data. I don't have a lot of technical skill but I love thinking about applications/project management and have a background in systems analysis, modeling, quantitative analysis. Since I don't have coding skills I'm not looking to be a project lead, but I would love to get in wherever I fit in! See you all soon
Vivek Hutheesing
Sep 11 2015 19:09
This should be relevant to many of our projects, and starts in less than an hour:
Dav Clark
Sep 11 2015 19:51
Jonathan is awesome, and is doing very important foundational work (he'll discuss it in that talk). However, if you don't already know what LASSO regression is, it may be over your head! The general topic is selection of "features" when you have many of them per observation (especially compared to the number of observations).