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Sep 2015
Sep 23 2015 03:50
Hello all, I'm Yangyi Lu. I'm really interested in Earthquake Measurement and Visualization. I'm major in statistics and mathematics. I can use C++ and R well. I hope that we will have a nice working experience.
Sep 23 2015 03:55
Hey all, this is Wanrong. I have experienced a really busy week and forgot introducing myself. Hope it is not too late. I am a Statistics and Math major. I have experience in C++, R and Matlab. I really love modeling and I am pretty interested in the Earthquake Measurement.
Dav Clark
Sep 23 2015 23:07
Hey @luyangyi and @zhuwr0423, you should drop in on the save-seistool chat room. You can find all the chatrooms in “the world of the BIDS Collaborative" by clicking the little globe next to the forum title in the chat window!