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Sep 2015
Dav Clark
Sep 28 2015 16:03

Dear all, greetings from Bloomberg’s Data for Good Exchange. I wanted to clarify this weeks happenings.

Tuesday 3:30pm we’ll open up the BIDS collaborative in BIDS / 190 Doe. At this point, you should be showing up to devise / assign tasks and then actually work to make progress on them!

Thursday noon-2pm We’ll have recent berkeley grad and CivilMaps founder Fabien Chraim come talk to you about 3D visualization of geo-located assets. This should be interesting from a variety of perspectives, including:

  • high-performance 3D web-viz
  • Infrastructure development and evaluation
  • What is the value of 3D (vs. 2D maps) for other forms of development?

I am online for remote consulting (I’ll be back, though perhaps late, to class on Thursday). At this point, teams should have next steps written down on the issue tracker for your project. If that’s not you yet, I want to help!

Also - I want to start re-organizing the site and have teams take over their projects pages! I’d like a volunteer to be the first example of this. Let me know if you are willing to be the leading team on this!