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Nov 2015
Dav Clark
Nov 08 2015 19:17

Hey all - there’s been some interest in doing a public presentation in BIDS for final presentations. Are there any teams that would not be able to make the 3:30 Tuesday slot on Dec 8 (“dead week”)?

  1. You don’t need to show a finished product! Just a status update and a description of where you’d ideally head. Maybe you’ll get fresh blood even!
  2. If you absolutely can’t send anyone for this date, it’s fine to still do a presentation on Dec 3.

We’ll do our best to make it worth your time with publicity and tasty treats!

Vivek Hutheesing
Nov 08 2015 19:29
I'd prefer to make our presentation on 12/8 at BIDS so that more of our team is available and so our project gets wider exposure, thanks!