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Oct 2016
Oct 08 2016 21:20
Hey guys, I've added Tamurkhan's Horde to Chaos cat, what do I need to do to upload it? I'm a massive noob to Github
Basic steps in there for getting set up to commit changes.
Oct 08 2016 22:46
Cool, cheers
Oct 08 2016 22:47
Personally, I've gone down the fork path so far and put in pull requests for someone in the main project to merge my changes back to the BSData master.
Haven't asked about getting added to the BSData project, but I probably should :P
Oct 08 2016 23:18
Right, thanks to @rastus I've now sussed out how to make Pull Requests. Tamurkhan's Horde has been updated into the Chaos file and is sitting waiting for approval