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Oct 2016
Oct 25 2016 19:06
If it was strictly alphabetical, HQ wouldn't be at the top for 40k, it would be under Elites and Heavy Support. No category is the easiest way to do it. Even if you made a category for it, it would still be one more thing on the left. "No category" works just fine for that.
Oct 25 2016 19:19
Wasn't suggesting strictly alphabetical, rather something configureable in the catalog editor. Fairly common approach is allowing an element to be moved up or down a list 1 step at a time. In the background it's a simple index value on each element that gets incremented/decremented when the element is moved.
Earl Bishop
Oct 25 2016 20:23
That kind of talk goes toward bs dev, not something we can address or even work at here
It's a good idea to have, just nothing we can do now. Suggest it to Jon on the bs repo I'd say
Oct 25 2016 20:45
yeah. it would have been interesting to see how different this was if developed using a database structure like SQL instead of xml