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Oct 2016
Oct 26 2016 09:13
Hello @All I´m planning on adding the Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts missing Characters found on page 150 & 151. I also have a question about the allegiances, if i select a specific like "Deathwalkers" everything is removed just the zombies are remaining. Why is that ?
Oct 26 2016 10:33
The allegiances are the armies in Age of Sigmar. Deathwalkers also has a couple of entries under others.
Oct 26 2016 12:04
Allegiances is the keyword thing. So like how you can only have ironjawz allegiance if all units in your army have the ironjawz keyword. If you want to mix allegiances you have to take the grand alliance level allegiance (ie, destruction).
So logically, if you choose ironjawz allegiance, you can only select ironjawz units.
If you choose your units first, then choose an allegiance, you'll get roster errors/warnings that some of your unit selections are invalid.
(if you have units outside your allegiance)
Oct 26 2016 12:17
@rastus Thx