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Nov 2016
Nov 21 2016 14:26
So for some reason I can't create lists on PC and this is limitting my ability to test any changes before upload, hence lots of changes today
Has anyone encountered Roster editor issues where when creating a roster, there is nothing to select at troop level, it just reads 'uncategorised' and you can't do anything
Nov 21 2016 14:29
That's how the AoS files are made to operate right now, you have to select Uncategorized and add in an alliance to open anything else up
Nov 21 2016 15:47
I'll have to have another play
Nov 21 2016 21:11
So on my merry dance to get the Bull Centaur Renders working I noticed that the Chaos Monstrous Arcanum units had been deleted
So I've re-added them ofc, but it just serves as a reminder to check that you're working from the latest version of the file
Nov 21 2016 23:49
Tripping over yourself? :P