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Feb 2017
Feb 19 2017 07:42

It must of been me. The copy paste in battlescribe is a bit frustrating, i think i have trying to ctrl c and v a few times and it stuffs things up.

I will try to add those units back again.

Feb 19 2017 10:20

I remade the Great Eagle. Seraphon Battalions have been added. That should be all the Seraphon information done. I'll probably just check it a bit before releasing.

Not sure whats up with the Treelord.

Feb 19 2017 10:23
Bloody release from last night still isn't live on appspot
Will hopefully have time to update Stormcast tonight
See if another release pushes it through
Earl Bishop
Feb 19 2017 13:05
Copy Paste works "Fine" on BS :/ You have to right click the category you're doing first though. Right Click Shared Entry - Ctrl C, Right Click "Shared Unit Entries" category, Ctrl V
It's a pita.
On a better note that is more infuriating to others. I got my mourngul yesterday :) Surprisingly short delivery time.
Feb 19 2017 15:39
Just pushed the Stormcast release
CBA to add the new lights, armours, weapons blah blah they have access to
Hopefully someone with a bit more time than me can throw that in
Or I may get round to it...
@Kohato My bro regularly uses two Mourngul's in his lists. It's the bane of having Warhammer World just up the road - impulse buy whatever is op
Earl Bishop
Feb 19 2017 16:16
Oh I'd love to have that at my disposal
I'd have my cerastus lancer and Ta'Unar already
Jon Kissinger
Feb 19 2017 16:23
I have a taunar lol
And a castigator