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Feb 2017
Earl Bishop
Feb 21 2017 02:10
Holy crap it's as tall as a riptide
Jon Kissinger
Feb 21 2017 02:14
that's pretty tall
Earl Bishop
Feb 21 2017 02:15
Yea it is. Not even lifted from the base either
Feb 21 2017 23:49
@Kohato I built them for him and didn't bother pinning. Though it's a tiny connector, there's so little weight to the model
There's no issue getting a bond either as the resin is so nice and porous
Earl Bishop
Feb 21 2017 23:53
Mine wasn't. It was pretty solid resin
I ended up pinning every connection
Some green stuff to smooth connection gaps and that fucker is strong.
And I didn't like how the horse head was in the air.
So I made a cork rock that the mourngul broke his neck over (and added yet another connection point :) )