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Jun 2017
Vincent Goede
Jun 21 2017 15:11 UTC
@flakpanda is there anything that needs to be done on the AoS files to get them up and running for the new version? I did see all the cat and the gst file go with updates (automatically) and I committed and released them, but not sure if that is everything that needs to be done?
Jon Kissinger
Jun 21 2017 15:12 UTC
I'm pretty sure he's barely started
Which means releasing might have broken things
Vincent Goede
Jun 21 2017 15:13 UTC
hmm damn.. though things still seem to work on my windows version
Classic 4U
Jun 21 2017 17:06 UTC
@StealthKnightSteg @flakpanda If I understand correctly, AoS needs to be refactored FIRST and then someone can add Kharadron Overlords?
Jun 21 2017 22:42 UTC
@classic4u @StealthKnightSteg yes AoS needs refactoring first.
i actually had started on chaos before the 40k leaks from like 2/3 weeks ago