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Feb 2018
Iain Launchbury
Feb 27 2018 08:14
@OftKilted, I think that Faction is an expansion of the options available to an Allegiance for Pitched Battles. Usually, you would only be able to take models with a specific keyword to qualify for an Allegiance (everything must have SLAVES TO DARKNESS, for example). However, in a Pitched Battle, you can take X points of non-SLAVES TO DARKNESS units without breaking that Allegiance as long as they are selected from the Allies list.
Iain Launchbury
Feb 27 2018 11:05
Regarding Grand Host of Nagash (and Legions of XXXX), they appear to be special snowflakes Allegiances which are subsets of the "Legions of Nagash" PBF, so who the fuck knows what is going on.
And ... Harbingers are special snowflake leaders ... whee:
Q: How do I use Harbingers in matched play games?
A: Harbingers can be included as allies in any army that shares their Grand Alliance keyword, though they are not treated as part of the player’s army for the purposes of de ning its allegiance and what allegiance abilities
it quali es for. However, a Harbinger can only be given a command trait or artefact of power if they also share the keyword of that army’s allegiance. In addition, a Harbinger can always be chosen as the army’s general.
So ... Ally with the ability to be general... and ignores generic Alliance restrictions.
Iain Launchbury
Feb 27 2018 13:19
not too much of a problem, they'll just have to have a local (to them) General entry that doesn't hide when they are an ally.